Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme Plus (CITREP+) for Students

CITREP+ supports local ICT professionals in keeping pace with technology shifts through continuous and proactive training. Through the training, they will acquire technical skills sets that will enable them to remain relevant and productive.


To build a strong core of specialised Singaporean ICT professionals with Smart Nation capabilities, CITREP+ is now expanded to support entry-level professionals to build specialised ICT skills through broad-based training and certifications.

IMDA will work with training providers to develop and offer quality infocomm professional development technology courses and professional certifications that impart knowledge and skills in relevant areas. 

Programme Support

Trainees under the programme will receive funding support as follows:
Category Training Course and Certification  Certification Only
(for courses and/or certifications commencing from 1 July 2016)
 Up to 100% of the nett payable course and certification fees, capped at $2,000 per trainee  Up to 100% of the nett payable certification fees, capped at $500 per trainee

Please click here for the list of endorsed courses and certifications.

Eligibility Criteria

Category Criteria
  1. Singaporean Citizen
    • Age 17 to 25
    • Be a Singapore citizen at the point of course / certification examination commencement
  2. Must be currently enrolled in full time post-secondary academic studies
    • Pursuing NITEC, Higher NITEC, Diploma, and up to First Degree awarded through Post Secondary Educational Institutes (PSEIs) in Singapore.
    • The trainee must submit proof of matriculation from PSEI to support student status.
    • The trainee must complete and pass all examinations required by the endorsed course and/or certification to achieve the final certification status within the Qualifying Period of 12 months from the commencement date.
    • The trainee must have recommendation by PSEI to pursue the endorsed CITREP+ Course and/or Certification.
    • The trainee must commence the endorsed CITREP+ Course and/or Certification before the PSEI’s graduation date.
  3. Meet the admission criteria set by the Course Provider or Certificate Awarding Body.
  4. Be enrolled by the IMDA approved Course Provider or Testing Centre for the intended course or certification in IMDA’s Infocomm Competency Management System (ICMS) before the commencement of the endorsed course and/or certification.

Claim Conditions

For course and certification fees support, the trainee must complete the course and pass all examinations required by the certification or post-training assessment within 12 months from the course commencement date with the following conditions:
  • Meet the minimum 75% attendance of the training course as per endorsed roadmap; and
  • Achieve the final certification status (applicable to certifiable programmes only).
For certification fees support, the trainee must pass all examinations required by the certification and achieve the final certification status within 12 months from the commencement date of the first examination. 

Application Procedure

All course endorsement and claim applications must be submitted online via the online system known as Infocomm Competency Management System (ICMS).  

Applicants must upload and attach the supporting documents via ICMS during the submission of online applications.

The sponsoring organisations and self-sponsored individuals must have a valid ICMS account to submit a CITREP+ claim. To apply for a new organisation or individual account, please click here.

All applicants must have their SingPass ID and password to access ICMS. To find out more and/or apply for SingPass, please click here.

To access ICMS, please click here.

To download CITREP+ guides, please click here.


Trainees who wish to claim for CITREP+ funding must submit their online claim applications to IMDA via ICMS upon course or certification completion. Please refer to the Claim Application Guide for detailed application procedures.

For Organisation-Sponsored Trainees, the claim application will be submitted by the sponsoring organisation.

For Self-Sponsored Trainees, the claim application has to be completed by the individual.

All claims for CITREP+ disbursement must be submitted to IMDA within three (3) months from completion date of the last examination or final post-training assessment. Late submissions will not be accepted. Applications with incomplete supporting documents will be rejected for processing.

Course Providers & Testing Centres

Course providers and testing centres who are interested to have their courses or certification endorsed under the CITREP+ may submit their applications to IMDA for endorsement via ICMS. Please refer to the Course/Certification Endorsement Guide for detailed application procedures.

Programme Term

1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

For Enquiries

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