Adapt and Grow Employer Briefing

Is your company in the midst of planning for expansion? With digital transformation, do your ICM staff face a need to be upgraded to emerging areas ?

adapt and grow

Event Start Date
Event End Date
Event Venue
Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Road 8 S(408601)
Level 2 (Lobby B)
Lecture Theatre

WDA invites HR and IT directors in companies with with ICM professionals to join us for a briefing on WDA’s support for your hiring needs. We will discuss how you can hire and convert individuals into ICM professional or convert existing professionals into emerging areas within ICM sector through Professional Conversion Programme (PCP). Beyond existing PCPs, join us to find out how we can customise PCPs specifically for your organisation. WDA would also share other support such as Career Support Programme (CSP) and Reskilling for Jobs Programme (RJP) to help you with your manpower needs.

Register by 25th August 2016

Organised by WDA and supported by e2i.