Meet Carolyn Foo, Software Engineer at Garena Group

28 April 2016


Ever the challenge-seeker, Carolyn has come a long way since graduating with a double degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the National University of Singapore. The power technology gives to people and how it helps transform thoughts and ideas into reality is what inspired her to join the tech industry.

"All one needs to get started is their intelligence, creativity, and a computer." 

After honing her skills during an internship and showing much promise at local startup Zukami, she now plies her trade at Garena and constantly strives to improve their flagship Garena mobile app. New challenges such as bug-fixing and the implementation of new features keep her motivated, and together with the opportunity to enhance the user experience for everyone to enjoy, she finds each day to be a highly rewarding adventure that never gets boring.  

Her role is indeed very dynamic as technology and the tech space changes rapidly.


"At Garena, we embrace the change through tech sharings and learning from our peers. We learn from one another much faster. It is not just all about coding but it is also about providing the best user experience."

In the future she hopes to see more youth giving the tech industry a shot, given the potential that technology has is growing exponentially, and it being a realm where one's creativity is the limit. She also wishes that less women held the misconception that the industry is only meant for guys, or that guys are better with technology, "we are all gifted with intelligence and a lady can excel just as well as the next gentleman."

For now, she is living her dream of bridging the gap between knowledge, technology and people. 

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