Meet Su Yuen, Chief Inventor of MomoCentral

13 November 2015

Su Yuen Chin

A naturally creative individual with an aspiration for design, Su Yuen Chin took her first internship with a design agency after her O-levels. It was at this internship where she first learned the ins and outs of graphic design and animation. Despite the hands-on experience, Su Yuen was frustrated by the fact that the agency had to depend on developers to carry out their ideas. She saw that some of the most creative ideas weren’t being translated into real designs because they didn’t have their own developers. Not wanting to be limited by a lack of knowledge in coding, Su Yuen was determined to study Computer Science at NUS.

By learning how to code, Su Yuen no longer had to depend on a developer to carry out her vision: “if an idea popped into my head, I could just go and code it myself”. For Su Yuen, the freedom of being able to code and design whatever she wanted inspired her to start her first start-up after graduation. Su Yuen founded Mokomomo Interactive in 2011, an agency that specialized in website and mobile app design.

Four years later, Su Yuen founded her second successful start-up in 2014 after seeing a new opportunity: the gap between start-ups looking for developers and developers looking for jobs. Due to the lack of developers in Singapore, a lot of local start-ups have a hard time finding talent to build their products. revolutionizes this problem by being a platform that connects developers from all over the world to companies looking for talent.

As a female in the tech industry, Su Yuen doesn’t feel any direct discrimination based on her gender. She has observed that people will respect you regardless of gender: “if you can code or design, that’s impressive”. Su Yuen also doesn’t agree with media’s portrayal of the female experience in the tech industry as a discriminatory one and advises others to not get discouraged because “it’s not that bad”. Incredibly bright and ambitious, Su Yuen proves that anyone can make it in this industry with enough creativity and determination.


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