Yen Siow - Innovating STEM Learning for Kids

Innovating STEM Learning for Kids

01 December 2016

The IMDA Lab on Wheels team managed to grab hold of Yen Siow, the Founder of Discovering Without Borders – a non-profit association that works with underprivileged children to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – to talk about the STEM scene in Singapore and how coding is like a second language.

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Jaryl and Evelyn

Pursue Your Career Interest in Cyber Security

27 October 2016

As we approach the forefront of 21st century living with enhanced connectivity through technology, we can share and access data, media and information like no other time in history. With increased connectivity comes an increased risk of falling prey to cyber-crime.

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Building a Future-Ready Media Sector

13 September 2016

Deepening capabilities, powering business growth, winning over more fans and content innovation will be the key areas the government will be focusing on to help Singapore’s media industry seize the future, says Media Development Authority (MDA) CEO, Mr Gabriel Lim.

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Bringing FilmMaking into the Classroom

13 September 2016

As a student, it is always nice to have someone who has walked the path to share their experiences and prepare you for the real world after graduation. That is exactly what Singapore-based director, writer and editor, Ms Nicole Midori Woodford, hopes to do. MediaExchange caught up with Nicole to find out what fuels her passion and how her works have helped her in the classroom.

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Pursing Passion in Animation

13 September 2016

Once labelled as a “useless girl who couldn’t study”, Ms Tan Jing Hua struggled through her adolescence to find something she was good at. It was only after Jing started her Digital Media Design course in ITE Ang Mo Kio that she discovered her flair for design.

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Glenn Ng

Meet Glenn

22 July 2016

Diagnosed with dyslexia in Primary Three, Glenn never dreamt he would one day be the proud recipient of the Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal, which is awarded each year to the most outstanding graduate formerly from an Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

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Kelly & Jun You

Meet Kelly and Jun You, JC1 students at Pioneer Junior College

28 June 2016

Students Kelly and Jun You have their work cut out for them, having to cope with the demands of A-levels. However, despite their busy schedules and the constant pressure to do well in school, the pair have gone a step further by learning another language. The language of computing.

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Sau Sheong

Meet Sau Sheong, Managing Director of Digital Technology at Singapore Power

14 June 2016

Dubbed the 'CodeFather' by organisers of the RedDotRubyConf in 2011 for being the oldest active programmer in the room, a term of endearment that has stuck with him ever since, the Managing Director of Digital technology at Singapore Power recalls how his life in tech started.

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simeon choo

Meet Simeon, Insights Analyst at Accuen

03 June 2016

A venturesome individual with a heart for the environment, Simeon deciphers big data to gain meaningful insights for media specialist company Accuen.

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Meet Raniel, Founder of Jobook

01 June 2016

A focused and highly motivated individual who found his calling in IT, Raniel pursued and achieved his long-term goal of starting his own company, Jobook.

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