Biometric Technical Committee (BTC)

The Biometric Technical Committee (BTC) participates and contributes to international biometric standardisation. It keeps track of the latest developments, and promotes awareness of biometric and biometric related standards among the policy makers, academia, industry and end users through events and related activities.

TC composition and structure

BTC has the following main composition:

TC Chairman

Mr Lawrence Chen Tai Pang
Senior Research Engineer
Institute for Infocomm Research

Deputy TC Chairman

Mr Lim Lark
Team Leader & Consultant
Knowledge Technology Group
Ministry of Home Affairs

TC Secretary

Mr Yeo Lixian
Biometrics Consultant
Ministry of Home Affairs

TC Advisor

Dr Yau Wei Yun
Programme Manager
Personalised Interactive Tele-Services Programme
Institute for Infocomm Research

International Standards Participation

BTC represents Singapore as a ‘Participating’ or ‘P’ member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC37 on ‘Biometrics’. BTC members have been appointed as the project editors of several work items under JTC1/SC37.

* P-members participate actively in the work and have an obligation to vote on all questions submitted to vote within the technical committee.

Singapore Standards Under BTC

There are no Singapore Standards on biometrics. Users are advised to refer to relevant international standards.